What is this service?

The DOIDB acts as a proxy service to the DataCite MetaData Store and uses a modified version of its software. Data publishers at GFZ Potsdam can use the DOIDB to mint DOIs and register associated metadata.

I'm a scientist. How can I publish my datasets?

This service is for datacentres. Publishing of research data and data supplements to manuscripts is a service of our library. Feel free to contact them.

I'm a datacentre with datasets and want to mint DOIs! How can I use this service?

Our service requires registration. You will need to contact us to get your account data and to discuss some organisational things. Once you received username and password you can use this service to point DOIs to your webservers and to keep this information up to date. Furhermore, metadata about registered DOIs has to be provided, so that information about your datasets can be put in public data catalogues and disseminated to data portals. For a list of valid metadata schemas see our API documentation.

DOIDB has a web interface or can be integrated into your existing data infrastructure using the REST API.

How can I contact you?

For membership as a datacentre please contact Kirsten Elger or Roland Bertelmann. For technical information please email Damian Ulbricht.