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# 41
Taylor Otto
Abstract: Hassi Berkane (“Wellspring Berkane”) is an Iberomarusian site in the Nador Province in Northeastern Morocco. A thick escargotière visible in construction trenches and underneath the rockshelter on the outskirts of the town was investigated by the team from the CRC 806 in 2014. Profiles in the trench were documented and two boreholes were drilled underneath the rockshelter. The team found lithics and faunal remains in the cores alongside terrestrial snail shell fragments, as well as multiple charcoals taken for radiocarbon dating. From the profiles and the drillings, a settlement layer of ca. 2000 square meters could be reconstructed. Not only the sheltered space beneath the rockshelter was used, but also a large open air space to the north.
# 42
Jan Verheul • Daniel Becker • Mirijam Zickel • Yasa Yener • Christian Willmes
Abstract: This geospatial dataset contains climate data from 120 ka to 0 ka in 1000 to 4000 year steps as raster data. The variable shows biomes representing nine different climate conditions modeled with the HadCM3 - general circulation model. The source data from Hoogakker et al. (2016) was imported from the original published NetCDF file and translated to multiple GEOTIFFs with GDAL. The raster data has been converted to single GeoTIFFs with GDAL’s gdal translate and gdalwarp tool. The dataset has a resolution of 93x73 cells, with a cell size of 3.75° width and 2.5° height. Source: Hoogakker et al.: Terrestrial biosphere changes over the last 120 kyr, Clim. Past, 12, 51-73, doi:10.5194/cp-12-51-2016, 2016.
# 43
Felix Henselowsky • Christian Willmes • Karin Kindermann • Tobias Zernig • Olaf Bubenzer
Abstract: The growing number of paleoenvironmental data, GIS-based analyses and modelling allows us to produce PaleoMaps for a given area. However, the „translation“ of paleoenvironmental information in maps is even more complex, than producing maps as an illustration of the present. The CRC 806 “Our Way to Europe” provides the background to study the culture-environment interaction and human mobility in the Late Quaternary. Northeastern Africa during the Last Interglacial is thereby an important region and timespan. From this point, a first conceptual design for a PaleoMap of Egypt for the time about 125 ka ago is presented.
# 44
Christian Willmes • Yasa Yener • Anton Gilgenberg • Georg Bareth
Abstract: This Poster contribution for the 2nd Research Data Management Workshop, held on November 27th and 28th at the University of Cologne, describes the advancements of the new CRC806-Databse frontend. It was decided to update the system with some major changes to the overall architecture, by preserving the current API functionality and the URLs of the datasets in the database. This paper describes the system architecture of the upcoming version of the CRC806-Database. The SDI part of the system is migrated from the current MapServer, GeoServer, MapProxy and pyCSW based implementation to a GeoNode based system. Additionally the Typo3 based frontend of the web portal is changed to use mostly server side Extbase & Fluid based content handling and rendering, instead of the current AgularJS based frontend. Due to stability and consistency difficulties of client side rendering we decided to build a more robust system and move to server side rendering.
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