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Reinsch, Thomas • Henninges, Jan
Abstract: Reinsch et al. (2013) describe the installation of a novel fibre optic cable behind the anchor casing of the geothermal well HE-53, Hellisheiði geothermal field, SW Iceland. Within this data publication, DTS temperature data, acquired together with optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR) data during three different field campaigns are presented. Data have been acquired during the installation in spring 2009, during the onset of a production test in summer 2009 and after a 8.5 month shut-in period in summer 2010.
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Grünthal, Gottfried • Wahlström, Rutger
Abstract: The EMEC earthquake catalogue is an extension in time and space of the CENEC catalogue (Grünthal et al., 2009, http://doi.org/10.1007/s10950-008-9144-9). It consists of some 45,000 entries in Europe and the Mediterranean area and extends to the west to encompass the North Atlantic Ridge. The criteria are Mw ≥ 3.5 for events with latitude ≥ 44°N and Mw ≥ 4.0 for events with latitude < 44°N, in the time period 1000-2006. Data within the catalogue area can be obtained as ASCII-file through the EMEC Earthquake Catalogue Web Service. This webservice also enables the creation of seismicity maps according to user's specifications. In addition, a list of earthquakes in the time period 300-999 for Mw ≥ 6.0 in the catalogue area with latitude ≤ 40°N and longitude ≥ 10°E is given and a list of fake events in the time period 1000-1799.
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