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Heim, Birgit • Klump, Jens • Schulze, Alexander • Schneider, Sabine • Swiercz, Steffi • (et. al.)
Abstract: Lithology of the Lake Baikal catchment area, based on a USGS geological data set (http://energy.cr.usgs.gov/oilgas/wep/products/geology/fsu.htm) and edited according to Russian geological maps (Kalinin, V.A. and Moiseeva, E.G., 1981, Jansin et al., 1989). The polygon data were transformed to UTM Z48, WGS 84. * lithology of the Baikal catchment and main tributaries (Selenga, Barguzin, Upper Angara)
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Persits, F.M. • Ulmishek, G.F. • Steinshouer, D.W.
Abstract: Geological data sets of the Baikal region based on the USGS digital data of Asian petroleum provinces. The attributation of polygon data was partly reassigned and the maps transformed to UTM Z48, WGS 84. Source: Persits, F.M., Ulmishek, G.F., and Steinshouer, D.W. (1998): Maps showing geology, oil and gas fields, and geologic provinces of the former Soviet Union, USGS. * Detailed chronostratigraphical map with lithological information * Summarised Chronostratigraphical map with lithological information * Geological provinces
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Heim, Birgit • Klump, Jens • Fagel, Natalie • Oberhänsli, Hedi
Abstract: Supplementary material to B. Heim et al. (2008): Assembly and concept of a web-based GIS within the paleoclimate project CONTINENT (Lake Baikal, Siberia)
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