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Bernd Schurr • Anke Dannowski • Branislav Glavatovic • Llambro Duni • Heidrun Kopp • (et. al.)
Abstract: Raw-, SEG-Y and other supplementary data of the landside deployment from the amphibious wide-angle seismic experiment ALPHA are presented. The aim of this project was to reveal the crustal and lithospheric structure of the subducting Adriatic plate and the external accretionary wedge in the southern Dinarides. Airgun shots from the RV Meteor were recorded along two profiles across Montenegro and northern Albania.
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Lott, Friederike • Al-Qaryouti, Mahmoud • Corsmeier, Ulrich • Ritter, Joachim
Abstract: A temporary seismic array was installed in combination with a meteorological station in the Dead Sea valley, Jordan. Within the scope of the HGF virtual institute DESERVE we operated 15 temporary seismic stations between February 2014 and February 2015 together with a nearby meteorological station close to the east coast of the Dead Sea. The main aim was to acquire data to study the influence of wind on seismic records and retrieve related meteorological parameters. The study area is scarcely populated and has ideal meteorological conditions to study periodically occurring winds.
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