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Heikkilä, Ulla • von Blanckenburg, Friedhelm
Abstract: The determination of exposure ages, erosion rates, or terrigenous fluxes into the oceans with meteoric cosmogenic 10Be or 10Be/9Be ratios requires knowledge of the depositional fluxes of this nuclide (Willenbring and von Blanckenburg, 2010). The spatial distribution of these fluxes depends on stratospheric production, solar and paleomagnetic modulation, and atmospheric restribution. To allow for the estimation of such fluxes at a given site, and to enable the GIS-based calculation of such fluxes that integrate over large spatial areas (river basins, ocean basins) we provide global maps and excel sheets interpreted to present the average Holocene 10Be fluxes and an estimate of their uncertainty as modeled by atmospheric distribution models (Heikkilä et al., 2013, Heikkilä et al., 2013, Heikkilä and Smith, 2013).
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