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This Metadata Search is an instance of the DataCite Metadata Search that allows to search the datasets registered at DataCite through through GFZ Data Services.

Just type keywords in the search field and hit the Enter key (or click on the Search button) to get a list of results. This provides faceted search. It allows users to drill into search results by any value in the designated fields (see below). Each facet displayed also shows the number of hits within the search that match that category.

When you type multiple keywords the results will contain metadata records where all keywords were present. If you wish to find the records which match any of the keywords you need to separate them with OR operator (see examples below).

Please note that the search is case insensitive. Also, the indexing takes place once a day so this service not will provide metadata submitted in the last 24h.


Most of the fields in the DataCite Metadata Schema are searchable. Have a look at the Schema documentation for the details.

DataCite's mandatory fields

DataCite's optional fields

Other Fields

Query syntax

Our search is Solr/Lucene based. For more please see Lucene Syntax and Solr Syntax.


If you only want to retrieve documents not containing a specific term add a minus sign (-) to the term, e.g. laser -medical would match documents containg laser but not medical.

Boolean queries

By default all search term are combined by AND. You could construct or-query by using OR between the terms. Also grouping by phrases is possible, e.g. laser AND (red OR blue).


Searches for complete phrases have to be enclosed in quotation marks, e.g. "wind turbines".


You can use ? for a single character or * for multiple characters, e.g. w*d would match wood and wind.

Field queries

You can restrict the search to a specific fields, e.g. title:laser. See above for a list of available fields.

Range queries

Instead of specifying individual terms or wildcards you could also search for a range of terms. This is especially interesting for dates, e.g. publicationYear:[1990 TO 1998].

Query Examples

query retrieves documents...
laser containing laser
laser safety containing laser and safety
laser -medicine containing laser and not medicine
laser AND (red OR green) containing laser and red or green
"wind turbine" containing wind turbine as a phrase
subject:geology containing geology in metadata field subject
allocator:(BL OR TIB) currently only DOIDB is reasonable
publicationYear:[2000 TO 2005] published between 2000 and 2005
uploaded:[NOW-5DAYS TO NOW] uploaded in the last 5 days


This service is also available as an API. We use Solr Search Handler for our API calls, the endpoint is:

Please check Solr's common query parameters documentation in order to understand how to use API.